Monday, September 29, 2008

A stash of books....

Yesterday while cleaning Dennis came across a box full of Crochet booklets. Alot from Annie's Attic. They are pretty old but have some very pretty patterns in them.

As of right now I am working on a baby set. I want to start an page and start selling some things and this will be the first to go, shirt, bonnett, booties and ghan. It is a two tone set and is soo cute....When I get the page set up I will post it on my blog for everyone to check out.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cowgirl Hat

I made this hat for my daughter out of the Stitch-N-B**** Crochet book. She just had to have it and wanted it in bright pink lol. Its a little too big but she loves it anyways. She wanted to pose for the picture...isn't she a doll???

College Scarf

I made this over the winter for my longtime friend (whom I have never met). We have been chatting over e-mail and talking on the phone for several years and have become best friends. Shes in college in Louisiana and asked me to make her a scarf in her school colors so here it is....

Little handbag

Here is a little handbag that my sister made for daughter Shyla over the summer. She just loves it. Especially the little dragonfly button she put on it. I also think its very adorable.

Eight pocket tote bag

I made this tote out of some yarn I had in my stash that I really needed to get rid of. Its pretty wild on one side I know but hey I like it and it works. I got the pattern from and it took just a few days to make. I still need to get something stiff to put in the bottom of mine and I still need to put the front pockets on it in order for it to be an Eight pocket tote because as of now it only has two pockets, maybe a future project...

Butterfly Dress

I made this dress for Elliana's 4th birthday and it was very easy to make. Its is such a cute little dress.

I got the pattern out of Crochet! The July 2008 issue. The Dress was designed by Kim Rutledge for Caron International.

It took me an average of 2 days to make the dress. That's taking A LOT of breaks lol. I made it to fit a child's size 4-5 toddler and used the same colors that were given . It is very easy and worth every stitch to make....

Here is a close up of one of the butterflies and some of the stitches. At first I was very confused by the butterflies but after I made one and looked at the instructions again I had to laugh at myself because of how simple these cute little things are to make. They take just a few minutes of your time and one fold and they are done, I thought I had made a flower and had messed the whole thing up!!!! HA! But I hadn't and I am very pleased with this dress. It is my first piece of clothing and I hope to make more...


Today I bought a new digital camera....finally. I have my own camera so that I can take pictures of my WIPs and my children and whatever else I want to. LOL.
Its a pink KODAK EasyShare C713. Its a cute camera and it was under $100. Well worth the price so far. I used to won a camera just like it but it was silver and I loved it so I am sure I will love this one also.
I have already taken a few pictures of my daughter and a picture of the dress I made for Dennis' daughter which I will post today along with a few other projects I have never gotten posted.....
Off to play with my new camera!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Here is the scarf I made last winter. Its my own design.

Butterfly ghan

Here is the last picture of the butterfly ghan I was able to get. I may be able to get a finished one but I am not sure. This gahn turned out too cute.

Mator is finally here!!!

Here is the Tow Mator ghan I made for a little boys first birthday.

I love the way it turned out especially the way I did his name. Its Broadway font I used off the computer and just graphed it right onto the pattern, I absolutely love it!!!!

It took me forever to get the picture because I gave the ghan away before I ever got the chance to get the picture and it was long over due but it was definitely worth the wait and I loved seeing it again when I opened my e-mail last night, I just hope everyone else enjoys looking at it as well!!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines. John Benfield

Well I will be getting a picture of the Mator afghan I made posted soon so Be looking for it!!!!!

I haven't been crocheting lately but I did make a very pretty little dress and I will post a pic of that also.....