Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Butterfly Dress

I made this dress for Elliana's 4th birthday and it was very easy to make. Its is such a cute little dress.

I got the pattern out of Crochet! The July 2008 issue. The Dress was designed by Kim Rutledge for Caron International.

It took me an average of 2 days to make the dress. That's taking A LOT of breaks lol. I made it to fit a child's size 4-5 toddler and used the same colors that were given . It is very easy and worth every stitch to make....

Here is a close up of one of the butterflies and some of the stitches. At first I was very confused by the butterflies but after I made one and looked at the instructions again I had to laugh at myself because of how simple these cute little things are to make. They take just a few minutes of your time and one fold and they are done, I thought I had made a flower and had messed the whole thing up!!!! HA! But I hadn't and I am very pleased with this dress. It is my first piece of clothing and I hope to make more...

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