Monday, October 20, 2008

A few projects I am working on....

I have started a very cute baby set. Its green and white. Its the shirt, booties, bonnet and ghan. I was making it to sell as my first item on but Dennis' mom saw it and wants it for her daughter's baby. I ran out of the green yarn and none of the Wal-Marts around here sell it anymore so I may have to go to Joplin and see if Michaels has it. I really want to finish this set so I can give this to her as a complete set for her grand baby.

As for another project I have been working on Teddy tote-along bassinet. I was going to make the baby tote-along bassinet but again Wal-Mart did not have the colors I needed. My daughter was not very happy but she settled for the bear as long as I make all the bear clothes and the baby clothes (diaper included) for the bear. I am almost done with the bed. Its been a fun little project and I know she will love it. I plan on making one in a different color for Dennis' little girl also because Shyla says I have too. I already got the ribbon for it and decided to do it in blue since she likes blue. Shyla's in is pink.

I will post pictures of the baby set and of the bear bed tomorrow. I am also going to post pictures of the kids with SpongeBob...they are too cute!!!!!

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